Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Ryan, I make Books, Art, NFT’s and Animated Videos.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Ryan, I make Books, Art, and Animated Videos.

How to Make an NFT on Opensea.io

1. Download Coinbase on your phone

2. Download Metamask.io on your Google Chrome Browser on your computer

3. On Coinbase on your phone, buy Ethereum. Send Ethereum to Metamask by hitting ‘Trade’ and ‘Send Crypto’

4. On Metamask, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner, select ‘Account Details’

5. Scan the QR Code in Metamask on your computer with your Coinbase scanner (this scanner pops up after previewing your transfer)

6. Send it! Wait a few minutes and your ETH will show up on metamask. Be careful not to send to the wrong address. 

7. On Opensea.io, create an NFT by hitting ‘Create’ > ‘Submit NFT’

8. Metamask will ask you to sign and you have to pay a first time gas fee for listing on Opensea

9. I won’t go into detail about listing your NFT because it’s as easy as setting up an ETSY listing.

10. Keep in mind, on Opensea, you pay a first time listing fee, then you pay a gas fee everytime an item is sold

11. Gas fees are for writing your artwork to the blockchain, “minting” them. The fees will range based on traffic and ETH cost. 

12. That’s it!

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